Growth hacking Services

Go to market with what.

Apply growth hacking principles and frameworks as your go to market strategy – drive your performance with data-driven decisions and experiments to iterate fast and exploit growth areas. We align with startups at every funding stage to deliver results that speak for themselves.


How we can help


Product Validation Campaigns

Launch with confidence – validate your products by real customers, and know exactly what to build through our growth hacking services.


Desirability Testing

Data-driven tests ensure you’re targeting the right market. Captured data points will boost your fundraising chances.


National Expansion

Strategically grow your business and reach your market potential in Switzerland.


Go Global

Explore and enter new markets, adjust to the local cultural, language nuances and marketing & sales methods.

How it works?


We help clarify your goals, tactical positioning and challenges



Informed by insights, we examine every facet affecting your organization, then propose a new course of action for your growth hacking needs..



Your teams get the growth hacking knowledge and tools to bring market-ready strategies to life.



We experiment & growth hack across all possible channels and product, refine and repeat.

How we work

“A traditional digital marketing agency measures you by the size of your marketing budget.

We asses products and teams by their future growth potential. Our reward comes from your success.”

Founding Partner at what.

GROWTH HACKING methodology

Aligned with the lean startup methodology

Once we validate your product as an optimal market fit, we can go to market using:

  • A lean and iterative approach
  • A strategy tuned to your financing stage
  • Data-driven decisions, always


Areas of expertise

Frontend development
Responsive and browser-/ device-compatible web frontend applications with backend integrations.
Community building
Monitoring of the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram social accounts.
Blockchain solution
Building blockchain projects with distributed apps (dapps) and backend integrations on Ethereum others networks.
UX & UI Design
Designing the user experience of the digital product and website.
Guiding you through the process from defining the scope of the product, while keeping features minimal so it can released quickly.
Lean brand development
Creating corporate brand identity by deciding colours, typography and application following the branding guidelines.
Building clickable prototypes, help testing them with users and start the design approach.
Product validation
Validating your product using a quantitive and qualitive step-by-step process.
Digital project management
Managing digital projects from concept to execution using a SCRUM-based approach.
Digital marketing audit
Assessment of current brand positioning and guidance on future marketing strategies.
Web & analytics reporting
Powerful web and app analytics including Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio.
CMS website development
Relaunching customised websites that are responsive and aesthetically pleasing.
Page speed optimisation
Faster page loading times to improve overall performance of the website.
Mobile app development
Native app development from product validation to app store launch.
Web development
Scalable and performant web applications that are user-friendly for your customers.
Google Ads
Lean and semi-automated set up and management of paid ads.
LinkedIn ads
Effective lead generation campaigns for businesses on the largest professional network.
Facebook ads
Creative production and performance optimisation to reach prospects on Facebook & Instagram.
Marketing automation
Data-driven and rules based automation concepts and implementation.
Influencer marketing
Content and campaign collaborations with our known or new influencers, both local and international.
SEO & content marketing
Technical and content optimisation for maximum visibility on search engines.


Questions? We got answers

What is product-led growth?

Product-led growth (PLG) is an end user-focused approach that relies on the product itself as the primary driver of customer acquisition, conversion and expansion. For example, Slack, Miro and Calendly were able to grow more efficiently and faster by leveraging their product as the main sales asset, in order to create a pipeline of active users who are then converted into paying customers. It’s often associated with the freemium model (or bottom-up distribution). At what. we strive to use PLG principles as part of international growth marketing strategies.

What is growth hacking?

Why is growth hacking important for achieving business success?

What is difference between traditional digital marketing and growth hacking?