About Sandro

Sandro leverages his extensive expertise in software development and design to deliver effective and elegant digital solutions

He began his career as an electrician and self-taught photographer before moving into design and eventually pursuing a second education in software development, which he completed with distinction at ZLI in Zurich. His multifaceted career now involves blending technology and design, and he has a knack for explaining complex concepts in understandable terms. Passionate about his work, Sandro approaches each project uniquely, always seeking the most effective and elegant solutions while considering both the client’s needs and the end user’s experience.

In addition to his professional work, Sandro engages in self-improvement through specialised courses in website development and contributes to open-source projects used by tens of thousands globally. When not working, he enjoys playing story-driven PC games.

  • Working closely with the customer, he is responsible for technical implementation
  • Specializes in delivering uniquely challenging and complex projects
  • Always keeps up with the latest technological advancements to ensure nothing is overlooked
  • Trains our team on the latest tools to support their professional development
Staying technically up-to-date
Further development of the in-house WordPress plugin
Delivering elegant solutions that anticipate needs and efficiently satisfy both customers and website visitors

Experience & Education


GBW Wetzikon for his Electrician education


Self-taught Study for Photography and Design


ZLI Zurich for Computer Scientist Specialisation  in Software Development