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Design Sprint

You discovered an opportunity and you want to build?

Apply the best known and the fastest method from Silicon Valley startups to create your first prototype.


Major Benefits


Problem definition

Alignment of your team around a shared problem definition is essential from the start. This will serve you as a reminder every time you get carried away when defining that you want to build.


Knowing your customer

Deep insights through learning about your user’s problems and the current state of existing solutions set the context for the design sprint.


Your first prototype

Ideas are structured and prepared for testing. Thanks to the validation during the design sprint leads to the first working prototype.


What’s included in the design sprint


  • Begin with the right challenge to broadly know what problem you want to solve

  • Ensure you have the right and complete team that can contribute, if you are missing some skills we can provide them (e.g. designer or software engineer)

  • Be prepared to engage, sketch and write

  • Clear your schedule for the entire duration of the sprint

Two day design sprint example

Aftermath and outlook

Your roadmap

We guide you through this process. Depending on where you stand, we hold a workshop or design sprint adapted to your needs and use this input to create a vision for your MVP.

stage 1

Design sprint

you are here

You have a problem to solve. Various ideas and designs have been tested to create the first prototype.

stage 2

Validation campaign

next stage

The product prototype was tested in multiple iterations by early adopters. You gathered feedback and tested customer demand.

stage 3

Scope workshop

next stage

You reduce the scope to the core features to give users the maximum value. A functional concept and a roadmap is created.

stage 4

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

next stage

Developing in sprints and testing the MVP with focus groups and test customers before launching in the market.

stage 5

Go to market strategy

next stage

Building on the previous insights – we develop a strategy to acquire first 5, 50, 500….50’000 customers.

stage 6

Product market fit

next stage

Never ending cycle of continuous learning and collection of insights to develop & improve your product.


what. drives us

“We go above and beyond to show you how to make your ambition reality. The design sprint channels our energy to develop the best possible solution in the shortest time possible. There is simply no better way. “

Head of Products, Partner at what.


What is a design sprint?

A process to develop a product through prototyping and testing. It is a face paced agile way of product development to establish initial processes of MVP development.

The design sprint was developed by a group of designers at Google Ventures that wanted to create a standardised process to help generate and validate ideas in a short time. Initially a design sprint was a five day process but this has since been shortened to 2-4 days.

For more information about our design sprint process and our digital agency in Zurich, send an inquiry to our onboarding quiz or email us at hello@what.digital.

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