Community Building & Social Media Management.

Community building management

Why: A strong community helps to build loyalty and engagement for the project, and users who are passionate about a project are also more likely to get others involved

What’s included

  • Monitoring of the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram social accounts Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm CET and responding to users
  • Collecting FAQs and liaising with the founders and team on Slack to develop a systematic approach to customer engagement and standard answers
  • Defining policy for other channels to reduce the fragmentation and channel the customer communication to one master channel
  • Posting agreed answers
  • Developing a ‘feel’ for the brand and the community to find the right tone and style of communication
  • Setup of a social monitoring software to identify articles and mentions


  • Out of hours coverage on social channels or coverage during weekends
  • Creating new content

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