what. we did for APG

APG|SGA aimed to upgrade their digital customer experience by updating their brand and targeting a broader audience for their products. 

This approach allowed their digital team to focus on their digital customer experience. A lean, website structure opened them to an influx of new audiences and greater opportunity, gaining a significant market share as a direct result.


Who is APG?

APG SGA is a listed company, leading digital and analogue out-of-home advertising spaces operator in Switzerland.

  • One of the world’s ten largest outdoor advertisers with 160,000 advertising spaces

  • Owns 75% of the market share of the Swiss outdoor advertising industry.

  • Leads outdoor media innovation, offering modern, digital products to clients.


Improving customer experience

Reduced the complexity, making it easy to book and customize outdoor advertising placements across 40,000 mediums.


Technical integrations and complexity

Identified a secure, versatile technical architecture that allowed us to replace their outdated, fragmented product finder and poster shop and add new features.


Our main target

To create a complete digital platform that aligns with the brand’s vision to drive local awareness, processing, and sales.


How we did it


what. clients say

what.’s team was able to lead the delivery and concept, whilst navigating our corporate structure and many stakeholders. The outcome exceeds what we wished for. We were even able to implement the new work concept across the organisational system, processes, and solutions that respond better to dynamic developments and remote work.

Alex Hildbrand
Head of Applications APG|SGA