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what. we did for Techstyle

The onboarding process can ‘make or break’ any SaaS company. Together with the relaunch of their new pricing model, to include a free trial, the onboarding journey was one of the Techstyle’s priorities for the new design.
We led the design process to condense their important content and key messages to fit one page, whilst advising on the use of language to simplify communication for less technical and international audiences.
The new web experience was successfully implemented, which achieves a full alignment with the business strategy and the Product-Led-Growth (PLG) funnel.


Who is Techstyle?

Techstyle Solutions brings a radical innovation to the fashion industry by directly connecting producers of sustainable fabrics with fashion brands. Techstyle’s mission is to combine innovation with technologies to reduce waste, increase efficiency, optimise resources and create transparency in the apparel supply-chain. The goal of the company is to make sustainable textiles accessible, and empower the creatives to create amazing products made with respect and conscience to people and our planet.

  • The leading marketplace for sustainable fabrics with thousands of materials available

  • The founding team with 30+ years of garment manufacturing experience

  • Founded in 2018 with the purpose of creating an efficient and sustainable apparel supply-chain of the future.


New subscription model

Techstyle decided to change their pricing and offer a free trial, it required a new set of incentives and approach to user onboarding.


Prospect education

Target industry is relatively conservative and the fully digital solution requires simple and clear messaging to remove uncertainty and doubt.


Conversion rate optimisation

Previous onboarding didn’t offer any immediate value or exclusivity and there was a need to reduce friction in the initial steps of the registration process.


Our main target

  • Relaunch TechStyles’s free trial offering and onboarding process to achieve greater conversions



How we did it


what. clients say

The team at what. are easy to work with and they provide a combination of first class skills under one roof, which simplifies the development process and ensures a full alignment on the business, marketing, design and development front.

Tiffany Chen
Founder & CEO