About Rogier

Rogier combines nearly 20 years of technical expertise, managerial skill, and entrepreneurial spirit with a strong commitment to client success. 

He started his career as an electrical engineer but quickly expanded into business administration, which set the stage for his leadership roles.

Originating from the Netherlands, Rogier’s career flourished in Switzerland, where he initially worked as a developer and project manager. His drive led him to create his own branding and digital products agency, which he successfully sold in 2016. He then continued his career at an event agency, transitioning from Head of Engineering to Head of IT.

At what., Rogier uses his extensive experience to bridge the gap between the client, designers, and developers, managing projects and turning complex client challenges into actionable solutions. His comprehensive technical knowledge and dedication to client success are invaluable to our team and clients.

Outside work, Rogier is passionate about outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and skiing, and he relishes cooking, especially his favorite dish, short ribs.

  • Started programming on a MSX computer in 1980’s
  • Started building websites for friends & family 20 years ago
  • I love diving on to complex problems and find a fulfilling solution.
  • Hobbies: Spending time in the mountains, on the water, on my bike and love to cook.
Finish my MBA in Artificial Intelligence
Always drive to improve my skills and step out of the comfort zone

Experience & Education

Bachelor of Science

Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Agile Software Development

LinkedIn certification