Google Ads

Google Ads Search setup & management

What’s included

  • Account setup and administration, liaising with Google Support & Account Manager

  • Budget, bid strategy setup

  • Keyword research and campaign architecture

  • Ad copy writing and initial approval process with the client

  • Enhanced ad setup with all relevant extensions and features

  • Cost optimisation and elimination of cost drivers

  • Keyword optimisation, including negative & new keywords

  • Optimise relevance at the level of ad group, text ad, keyword, and landing page

  • Budget control, adaptation to seasonality and search trends

  • Configuration of custom audiences

  • Creation and upload text & display ads (remarketing)

  • Monitoring and refinement of remarketing campaign, including placement optimisation

  • Conducting 2 experiments per month

  • Daily/weekly/monthly quality control

  • Daily/weekly/monthly calls and updates

  • Real time performance dashboard

  • Monthly insights report


  • Mirroring the campaign in Bing

Optional (E-commerce sites)

  • Google Shopping campaigns configuration and management

  • Feed configuration and optimisation

  • Feed rules implementation

Google Ads – Display – Setup & Management