what. we did for DeSci Collective

DeSci Collective required support on community building and engagement on Twitter and Discord.

DeSci Collective started from scratch with us supporting the founder in creating, developing and engaging the DeSci community. We managed to create a voice for the community by hosting prominent people in the DeSci space on a bi-weekly podcast through Twitter Spaces. The focus is on curating a strong community around DeSci and empowering scientific research while supporting up-and-coming innovators.


Who is DeSci Collective?

Decentralised Science (DeSci) community focused on bringing together a collective of DeSci leaders, investors, researchers, and innovators.

  • DeSci Collective is the voice of the community bringing enabling innovators, builders, and researchers to share their stories and propel their work forward

  • NFT passes allow holders to access a member-only curating community of thought leaders, investors, innovators, and builders in the space

  • A collective of people working together to bring DeSci to the mainstream and revolutionise the scientific industry


Developing a niche space in Web3

DeSci is a niche movement in the Web3 space with a few fragmented communities with the aim to grow and make DeSci  mainstream


First-class community

Build the DeSci Collective community and become the voice of DeSci through DeSci Collective Podcast


Engagement, growth, and collaborations

DeSci community requires extensive work to collaborate and engage with different individuals that can help propel the growth of this niche industry

Building a loyal community with an aligned vision to disrupt the scientific space through utilising Web3 technology in the Decentralised Science ecosystem


How we did it


what. clients say

“what. is a team of hands-on entrepreneurs with deep roots in the crypto space. They took care of all the practical elements to launch DeSci Collective. Also, they strategically focused on the levers with the biggest impact on community growth. We’re happy with our progress so far and becoming one of the leading voices of the Decentralised Science (DeSci) space.”

Brian Magierski
DeSci Collective Founder