Facebook & Instagram managed ads

Set up and Management

  • Facebook offers a unique range of targeting criteria to reach the right audience, in order to generate sales/leads/traffic/build community/raise awareness

What’s included (Setup)

  • Setup and configuration of the Facebook Business Manager (FBM) and account assets (e.g. linking Instagram accounts, access), if FBM exists review of account

  • Create or review Facebook pixel

  • Guidance on implementing Facebook pixel

  • Conduct test conversions for each goal, checking conversion is visible within Google Analytics

  • iOS tracking requirements configuration (setup of conversion events)

  • Tracking feedback on landing page/s used for campaigns

  • Setup of custom audiences


What’s included (Campaign Setup & Management)

Campaign setup

  • Campaign setup according to the media plan

  • Define campaign structure and ad sets

  • Select demographic and audience targeting

  • Select suitable formats and provide creative input and recommendations

  • Creation of ad copy text and sign off (in spreadsheet, optional: ad preview links)

  • Creation of UTM tracking for ads following what. naming convention


  • Performance monitoring, creation & management of campaigns, ad groups, demographics and ads to optimise KPIs and improve conversions – meaning “getting the most of the media spend”

  • Creative analysis, insights into creative performance and content optimisation, including feedback on proposed creative content, input into the future creative briefs and new ideas

  • Custom audiences nurturing of existing custom audiences, including lookalike audiences creation to increase the reach of potential customer

  • Insights, evaluation, ideas, A/B testing and experimentation – evidenced in the monthly reports

  • Liaising with the Facebook support and country account manager and support team to resolve any compliance issues, obtain feedback, early access to new trends & product updates

  • Budget monitoring to ensure correct spend according to media spend plan