About Marcus

Marcus is the driving force behind many product launches. He applies his deep product design experience and entrepreneurial skills to challenge the founders and fellow entrepreneurs to identify the best possible and the most pragmatic solution for them and their customers.

He is a goldmine of direct and accurate insights that proved to be the ‘game changers’ for many start-ups. Marcus strives to harness the potential of every product opportunity to push beyond what’s possible.

Marcus always stays up to date and his work is fuelled by the long hours of applied work experience, research and inspirations from his extensive network.

Marcus started out by building websites for family friends and customers over 20 years ago.

Studying business and strategy, Marcus founded his first company – a venture-funded startup still in University.

Since 2014, when he started his agency, Marcus supports his clients in creating digital products and has built and scaled dozens of MVPs for clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs to venture-funded startups and large enterprises.

In his free time, Marcus enjoys spending time in the mountains, downhill mountain biking in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter.

  • Coach and mentor EO Accelerator. Previously Kickstart Accelerator, Founder Institute, and more
  • Speaker at events (University of Zurich, University of St. Gallen, ETH Zurich and more)
  • Believer in the lean startup method as the one way to reliably implement new ideas.
  • Coach & mentor to startups.
  • Product lead at what. helping the team to build better products for our clients.
Help new ideas get to market to test and validate them
Scale digital products to product/market fit to allow their companies to succeed.
Help new entrepreneurs and their companies make smart decisions to get off the ground

Experience & Education

Bachelor of Arts

University of St.Gallen

MBA in Technology

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management

University of St.Gallen