Growth & Go to market strategy

Kickstart your growth strategy with what.

The assessment is the start of our collaboration with most clients. The aim of the assessment is to provide guidance on the future growth strategy through online channels and help decide on the implementation of the growth hacking & other marketing activities.


Major Benefits



Our expert opinions will be backed by data to achieve measurable and meaningful results.


Strategic alignment

Build early relationships with customers to get feedback.


Educated roadmap

Driven by our insights we engineer a roadmap to achieve your goals.


What’s included in the assssment

Step 1. Questionnaire and Kick-off

Our onboarding process takes clients through the questionnaire, interviews and data exchange. This way we have a complete access to the most important information. Thanks to the data access we avoid using opinions and we can back-up our recommendations with facts & figures.

Step 2. Assessment Report

Step 3. Roadmap

Step 4. Alignment Workshop

Step 5. Launch

Example scope of the assessment and data sources


what. drives us

“Facts and data speaks for themselves. We start our collaboration by understanding your performance and aligning on the ‘go to market’ strategy.

Our assessment is offered at a 50% discount and is a perfect chemistry check that translates directly into the launch of your growth programme.”

Luke Szkudlarek
Founding Partner at what.


We’re a startup. Can we afford you?

It depends. We are always interested in working on ventures with high growth potential and fearless founders who are ready to hustle. Your product’s potential and your determination are important factors we consider when qualifying opportunities. Your initial budget is secondary.

Who works on the assessment?

What are your example assessment clients?

about us

How what. works

Here are some of our ground rules and values that help us constantly deliver.
Strategic Process

Workflow management and communication tools streamline the process, connecting you to your project and the what. team at all times.

Continuous Improvements

Gain focus and clarity of direction, knowing what.’s constantly pursuing excellence, fine-tuning our approach for increased productivity that produces results.

Redefining what.’s possible
  • Our values are more than words. They’re a manifesto and set of principles aligning us with the types of clients we can grow with, creating extraordinary businesses and redefining success.


Aligned with the lean startup methodology

Once we validate your product as an optimal market fit, we can go to market using:

  • A lean and iterative approach
  • A strategy tuned to your financing stage
  • Data-driven decisions, always