Clickable Prototype & Wireframe

Sometimes an idea needs to be brought to life and that is where prototyping comes in as a part of our design process and new product development.

We build clickable prototypes corresponding to various levels of fidelity, and then help you by testing them with real users to validate our design approach. In the user experience stage of our design process we build prototypes based on wireframes, which allow us to validate the user flow. At a later stage, we create clickable prototypes based on the designs, created over the wireframes. These design prototypes allow us to validate both the flows and the design.

One important thing to note is that at what. we clearly differentiate between a prototype and an MVP: A prototype is an incomplete implementation that allows us to verify certain parts of the product, i.e. the design; an MVP is the first implementation of a product. An MVP is fully usable and can be built upon, whereas a prototype is the reflection of an intermediate state of the product, while it is still being developed.

Sometimes an idea needs to be seen in action to be validated. We build a visual prototype for you that can be tested, but that can also be used for other purposes, such as fundraising.

See more information about our MVP development and idea validation and the prototyping process and next steps.