About Janick

Janick brings over a decade of industry knowledge and digital expertise to the table

He started his career as an apprentice polymechanic and honed his skills in industrial maintenance. He later worked as a service technician, specializing in the installation, maintenance and training of CNC machines.

In 2020, he switched to the digital sector and successfully completed training as a web designer and web publisher. He gained further experience as a web publisher during a one-year internship and has been working permanently in this field since 2022.

  • Support lead and customer support
  • Management and maintenance of server infrastructure
  • Project management and organization of CMS workshops for customers
Enhance his project management skills
Acquire knowledge of programming technologies, especially Vue and React
Optimization of internal processes to optimize project development and improvement

Experience & Education


Over 8 years of proficient experience in CNC programming and operations


2 years of international customer service expertise


Extensive hands-on experience with WordPress, spanning over 2 years