About Luke

Luke is an innovative capitalist the mastermind responsible for leading what. to the forefront of growth hacking and go-to market strategy. Developing and monetising web platforms since the internet’s early years, today, he sets the tone for the team by applying the latest insights to achieve outstanding outcomes for every client.

His experience, profound insight, and market perception give him a unique advantage, allowing him to easily identify businesses with growth potential. Luke loves nothing more than harnessing the untapped potential of challenger brands to dethrone obsolete, stagnant leadership.

For nearly 20-years, Luke has had a hands-on role in the digital sphere of countless corporations, startups, and SMEs. He uses his outstanding record of experience to regularly contribute to the industry as a speaker, coach, and contributor, addressing growth hacking, go-to-market strategies and crypto.

Luke is also the co-founder and lead organizer of Switzerland’s first Growth Hacking group which is gaining traction, regularly gathering up and coming startups and successful growth hackers.

Together with the team, Luke goes above and beyond to engineer new growth concepts through hands-on research, analysis, and constant experiments.


  • Develops growth and go-to market strategies
  • Supports the startup community in Switzerland, contributing to its development and establishing strong international connections
  • Launches crypto & NFT activation programs for new and existing brands
  • Acquisition scout for digital and marketing agencies
To grow what. by the success of our clients
To make what. a semi-autonomous organisation, providing entrepreneurial opportunities
To experiment and invent new growth hacks
To publish regularly
To become the no #1 place for web3 and NFT activations for brands
Leading what. to the forefront of growth hacking and go-to market strategy

Experience & Education


MSc in Business Computing & Economics from the University of Economics. Poznan, Poland

SEO Expert

Strong fundamental knowledge thanks to web development experience and starting with UK’s first SEO agency

Master Manager

Managed a £5M digital marketing budget in 80+ countries at HSBC


In crypto since 2016 – developed strong community connections and knowledge of blockchain, DAO and web3


by Luke


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