what. we did for Echo

Led by the product lead our team consulted two co-founders at Echo and defined the product and its scope of development.

Both co-founders have a scientific background and were precise in their concept, what. led the translation of their highly complex idea to a user-friendly, exciting and commercially viable product. We validated the initial prototype in 3 iterations to derive projected cost per acquisition, narrow down target audiences and develop go-to-market strategy. The product was successfully launched and is processing real-time trades. We trust that Echo is on the right track to impress potential investors and scale their product to reach global audience and make further impact.


Who is Echo?

Echo is the world’s first platform for impact rating by the crowd, live since 28th April 2022. It’s a market-based rating platform to rate the non-financial performance of companies. Echo is a place to learn about impact and foster critical thinking and discussions. It therefore hosts a forum for its user base and will provide learning materials about impact.

  • World’s first decentralised impact rating agency – creating a transparent, inclusive and real-time solution to impact assessment.

  • Co-founded by two scientists Dr. René Boucsein & Dr. Dr. Carl David Mildenberger, who met almost 20 years ago at St. Gallen University, Switzerland.

  • Echo provides company-specific impact certificates (immies) as a tradable commodity, its immy-price on the exchange functions as a company’s impact indicator. Higher price = better impact.


First mover disadvantage

Entering a blue ocean with no competition Echo team had a lot of questions about the most fundamental aspects of the product and go-to-market strategy. A series of hypothesis testing and product validation was required.


Staying lean and shipping

The team had limited funding and time to launch the product, considering many open questions at the start it presented a huge challenge to narrow down the wish-list and develop the right product.


Real-time scalability

The system had to be designed to efficiently handle thousands of transactions in real-time. It presented a challenge to create a scable and cost-efficient architecture.


Our main target

  • Create and conquer a new product category of impact exchanges by successfully launching an innovative product



How we did it


what. clients say

We love the collaboration with what. we see them as our trusted partners who make things happen, they go above and beyond to set new limits of what we can do.

Dr. René Boucsein
co-founder Echo