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Design and develop your online presence

Website Relaunch and Development Services

Take advantage of our combined knowledge of website development, UX design, SEO, analytics and growth hacking to create a modern, tailor-made and beautiful website.

Businesses with existing websites will be assessed to ensure data and insights are collected to improve on what’s already there for the website relaunch. What’s more we’ll migrate your existing online assets to secure your SEO visibility.

Our lean method ensures we work in design and development iterations and the website continues to evolve, even after the launch.

WordPress vs. Django CMS

Django CMS as Enterprise Content Management System

When it comes to website relaunch and developement, Django and its CMS module is our preferred solution for modern, cost-efficient and enterprise-ready CMS needs. A highlight of Django CMS is its frontend editing, which means that editing page content couldn’t be easier. The Django CMS development can easily be integrated with custom application logic – this unique capability makes it one of the most versatile systems on the market.

Bespoke website design with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management Systems (CMS). Our specialist team knows the process for WordPress website development inside out, and we can build the most challenging frontend animations and experiences. We also decided to use WordPress for our own website because it fits the size of our business, content led marketing and ease of editing by many team members.

Website relaunch Process

Your website relaunch roadmap

Our “proven website relaunch process” takes you safely from the beginning to the end.

Website relaunch roadmap
  • Website Assessment & Strategy – Based on our briefing questionnaire and data we review your existing website and online assets to develop a bespoke website relaunch strategy, including user journeys, integrations, content roadmap, feature recommendations etc.

  • Website Concept – We develop content architecture and layouts. We take care of the content creation or support you in doing so. Sketches, so-called wireframes, are created as deliverables. Additionally, our online-marketing/ SEO team is available to support you on further optimisations.

  • UX & Creative Design – Our design team creates pixel-perfect designs that combine functionality and aesthetics.

  • Technical Implementation – sprint-based website development brings agility and full transparency into the development phase.

  • Content Management & Migration – After completion of the implementation, the technical team hands over the content to the content management team, which will implement the content.

  • Go-Live – To ensure a smooth go-live for the website relaunch, we do testing and QA.

  • Continuous Development – We support you in the long term to develop your new website and find answers to trends and changing market requirements.

what.’s special


Experienced developers. Expertise in Python, Laravel, PHP and Angular.


Lean method. Lean resourcing model empowers continuous improved performance.


Swiss-based. High quality, product service and Swiss customer interface.


All in one. Concept, content management to design, development, and growth hacking.

Our services

Develop your business with what. website development & design

Frontend development
Responsive and browser-/ device-compatible web frontend applications with backend integrations.
Community building
Monitoring of the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram social accounts.
Blockchain solution
Building blockchain projects with distributed apps (dapps) and backend integrations on Ethereum others networks.
UX & UI Design
Designing the user experience of the digital product and website.
Guiding you through the process from defining the scope of the product, while keeping features minimal so it can released quickly.
Lean brand development
Creating corporate brand identity by deciding colours, typography and application following the branding guidelines.
Building clickable prototypes, help testing them with users and start the design approach.
Product validation
Validating your product using a quantitive and qualitive step-by-step process.
Digital project management
Managing digital projects from concept to execution using a SCRUM-based approach.
Digital marketing audit
Assessment of current brand positioning and guidance on future marketing strategies.
Web & analytics reporting
Powerful web and app analytics including Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio.
CMS website development
Relaunching customised websites that are responsive and aesthetically pleasing.
Page speed optimisation
Faster page loading times to improve overall performance of the website.
Mobile app development
Native app development from product validation to app store launch.
Web development
Scalable and performant web applications that are user-friendly for your customers.
Google Ads
Lean and semi-automated set up and management of paid ads.
LinkedIn ads
Effective lead generation campaigns for businesses on the largest professional network.
Facebook ads
Creative production and performance optimisation to reach prospects on Facebook & Instagram.
Marketing automation
Data-driven and rules based automation concepts and implementation.
Influencer marketing
Content and campaign collaborations with our known or new influencers, both local and international.
SEO & content marketing
Technical and content optimisation for maximum visibility on search engines.

“Django CMS offers a modern and technologically sound solution for any website needs. Websites are the heart of businesses. We don’t just build the website, but accelerate business transformation and company growth. “

Marcus Kuhn
Product Architect, Partner