what. drives us

“Motivated by passion for our craft and the learning experience, what. partners with people to continuously iterate their businesses for results that speak for themselves.”

Luke Szkudlarek
Partner at what.


what. clients say

“what. is the leading growth and development firm. They do more than simply consult. They execute. From the beginning, they believed in us, seeing the potential of our business. It’s thanks to their extensive, quality team, and data-driven methods that we’ve made such an impact. We’re growing together through a process of continuous reinvention.”

Markus Lehmann
CEO at Filabe of Switzerland AG

“what. is a team of driven and skilled entrepreneurs with deep roots in the crypto space. They took care of the design, branding, communication and outreach – giving us the capacity to focus on what we do best.”

Brian Magierski
Cherubs DAO Founder

about us

How what. works

Here are some of our ground rules and values that help us constantly deliver.
Strategic Process

Workflow management and communication tools streamline the process, connecting you to your project and the what. team at all times.

Continuous Improvements

Gain focus and clarity of direction, knowing what.’s constantly pursuing excellence, fine-tuning our approach for increased productivity that produces results.

Redefining what.’s possible
  • Our values are more than words. They’re a manifesto and set of principles aligning us with the types of clients we can grow with, creating extraordinary businesses and redefining success.