About Us

We Fuel Success.

We’re a Swiss-based team of 50+ professionals with our headquarters located in Zurich

We Fuel Success

Introducing what.

We’re closing the gap between businesses and their goals, bringing them closer to where they want to be. Success isn’t a moment.

It’s a series of purposeful shifts to overcome challenges.

At what. we know it’s the small consistent steps that make the biggest impact.

Our Story

We started the company with the goal to power new ventures with our growth and product services. We quickly learned that our lean approach not only resonates very well with startups, but also fits SMEs and corporates looking for help with their digital initiatives.

what. was founded on and uses the principles of the lean start-up method that favours experimentation, user-feedback, and adaptive iterative approaches that greatly reduce the time and financial investment as well as increase chances of success.

Since our inception in 2015, we’ve built a name for ourselves as an elite, multinational firm with the people and passion to craft meaningful experiences and a methodology that delivers results.

While our headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland, we have a team of over 50 experts around the globe serving businesses across industry. From Top 100 Swiss startups, modern SMEs and corporate product ventures, our systematic use of the lean start-up model has been implemented in operations of every size for guaranteed, consistent quality and efficiency rarely seen in agencies.


what. To Expect

Engineering Success.

We approach every project using a blend of consultation and implementation for balanced results where creativity and data are equally represented.

Passion. Productivity. Quality.

Stay Connected.

Streamlining our client’s business is a priority. That’s why we use workflow management and communication tools to connect to your organisation’s progress at all times.

Limitless Possibility.

Our Swiss-based operation brings experts from around the world to you, delivering a range of experience, aptitude, and cultural understanding for results that move the marker. Together, we deliver more consistent value over time, redefining what’s possible.

Our method


Add value where you need it most. Together, we examine the current operations and challenges, identifying the best path forward.



Amplify outputs. To us, every project is approached from a lean method, maximising learning to optimise the value.



Continuous experimentation is a pillar of our process. Data and knowledge acquired guide the direction, allowing each stage of the process to inform the next to pursue even greater horizons.



Keeping it simple, always. From the words we use to the approach we take, the experience we deliver is always above what.’s expected, beyond what. you imagined, and easy to digest.