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Igniting Businesses.

From strategy to hands-on work. Our team of 60+ professionals is here to listen, analyse, conceptualise and build with you.

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Introducing what.

Listening, analysing, conceptualising and building the right way.

We’re a team of strategists who also implement. We work with innovators, disruptors and specialists to help them transform or build their digital business.

Thriving together

Our client segments


SMEs with a need to change, diversify, build new products or enter new markets.


Startups in process of building, going to market or scaling their venture fast.


Companies with a continuous and steady progress to ensure sustainability of their business.

Our Story

Lean from the start
In 2015 we found that many entrepreneurs struggle to find the right partners to power their product ventures. We decided to change that and started working with many early stage startups offering them guidance, coaching & most importantly delivering the work. The results were great – the entrepreneurs we interacted with not only launched & grew their business, but also gained digital competence and started embracing digital innovation.

Transforming startups founders & SME leaders
We quickly learned that our lean approach not only resonates well with startups, but also fits SME leaders looking for strategic guidance and implementation.
Over the years we helped a number of SME leaders diversify, build and grow their companies to innovate, protect their market position and grow.

Our team
Digital is complex and can be overwhelming, we’re in a constant race against the time. We knew from the start that we need a versatile and large team of experts to address the broad needs of our clients.

Since our inception in 2015, we’ve built a hybrid team with elite, multinational specialists – passionate about their craft. Thanks to the team we’re able to contribute and build many digital businesses.

Over the years we perfected the hybrid setup offering clients the best of two worlds: A high quality Swiss interface, backed by a flexible and effective resourcing.

Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of businesses
We honour entrepreneurs who create new products, digitalise services or enter new markets. These could be innovators and digital leaders of established companies or disruptors building something new. We’re continuously building a community of growth and digital champions to further sharpen our skills, broaden our perspectives and create more positive impact.


From Discovery to Continuous Growth