Over a decade of experience in marketing and project management

Leandra brings over a decade of experience in marketing and project management to the team. Her notable achievements include a pivotal role in the successful 2018 rebranding and market launch of an international cosmetic brand in Germany. With a track record of over 50 web project successes, Leandra is dedicated to helping others bring their digital ideas to life. Leandra excels in structured, process-driven projects, where her dedication to delivering quality work on time shines. Her fearless attitude, coupled with a passion for innovation and learning, make her an invaluable resource in marketing, project management, and digital product development.

  • Working at what. since August 2020
  • Help clients to launch their new websites
  • Build first-class digital products with the design and development team
  • Support startups with marketing and e-commerce
Continue to master the digital project management in a high performance, remote-first environment
Stay on top of new technologies and constantly learn new things
Deliver results that speak for themselves
Further advance the development and QA teams to deliver outstanding outcomes


Marketing Manager EMC
Marketing Assistant

BVS Business School