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what. we did for Cerebrum DAO

From laying the foundations of its digital presence to community engagement and strategic fundraising, we have supported Cerebrum DAO in establishing itself as a leading BioDAO—a Distributed Autonomous Organization in the health space—focused on neuroscience, particularly combating neurodegenerative diseases.


Our efforts were initially centered on building a robust and engaged community that brings together brain health advocates and neuroscience researchers. Through thoughtfully promoting the DAO and engaging its members, we set the stage for its fundraising success. 

The capital has been earmarked to fund cutting-edge neuroscience projects that push the boundaries of what is currently known about neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, the proceeds from future licensing of these innovations are structured to benefit both the researchers and the broader DAO community. By integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with Intellectual Propery (IP) to develop IPNFTs, Cerebrum DAO will fractionalize these into Intellectual Property Tokens (IPTs), establishing a sustainable model that reinvests success back into the ecosystem.


Who is Cerebrum DAO?

Cerebrum DAO is a pioneering BioDAO dedicated to the advancement of neuroscience. It focuses on the research and development of solutions for neurodegenerative diseases through the power of decentralized governance and community collaboration. Leveraging blockchain technology, it aims to unite scientists, researchers, and Web3 enthusiasts in a collective mission to accelerate breakthroughs in brain health.

  • It democratically and transparently involves its members in decision-making processes

  • Has successfully onboarded over 30 scientists and researchers from all over the world with over 90 members across all three working groups

  • Has three working groups, focusing on Coordination & Operations, Community Awareness & Engagement, and Neuroscience Research & Development, respectively


Building and nurturing a niche space in Web3

Attracting a dedicated audience that is not only interested in the intersection of blockchain and neuroscience but also actively participates


Sustainable growth

Had to address the wider skepticism due to the rapid, sometimes opportunistic landscape of decentralized organizations 


Member engagement, alignment, and growth

Creating a responsive and dynamic environment where members feel motivated to contribute


Our main target

To organically grow an aligned, engaged, and credible scientific community utilising Web3 technology and governance systems


How we did it


what. clients say

what. has proven to be an invaluable partner, bringing a team of passionate and highly skilled experts to the table. Their unique ability to translate our vision into a compelling digital presence, coupled with their strategic approach to community engagement, has been instrumental in our success. With what., we’ve been able to zero in on groundbreaking research and development, confident that our message is reaching the right audiences through the most effective channels.

Brian Magierski
Cerebrum DAO Founding Steward