what. we did for CherubsDAO

Cherubs DAO required support and guidance on the go-to-market strategy.

We worked together with the founder and his team to develop a launch plan. The plan evolved thanks to our data-driven iterative approach. We continue to lead and improve to achieve the results that speak for themselves – watch out for Cherubs DAO.


Who is CherubsDAO?

An NFT-funded and governed Impact Investment Collective perpetually fuels a regenerative treasury, giving people a platform to support the minds seeking to advance brain wellness through preventative breakthroughs and cures.

  • Cherubs DAO brings everyday change agents to the forefront of human & medical advancement.

    • Each day, new Cherub NFTs (“Cherubs”) are born and auctioned to the highest bidder.

    • On a mission to find cures, starting with the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Rapidly developing web3 scene

    • Navigate the fast moving web3 space to position Cherubs DAO to attract the right partners and community members.


First-class community

      • Build the Cherubs DAO community and connections to the most credible web3 and NFT influencers.


Data-driven, iterative approach

    • Experiment and rapidly change to adapt to the latest insights and feedback.

Successfully build an authentic and engaged community to launch Cherubs DAO


How we did it


what. clients say

“what. is a team of driven and skilled entrepreneurs with deep roots in the crypto space. They took care of the design, branding, communication and outreach – giving us the capacity to focus on what we do best. “

Brian Magierski
Cherubs DAO Founder