Growth Hackers Zurich – Growth Cases & Expert Panel Oct 7th, 2021 (Review)

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Growth Hacking Meetup Oct 7th, 2021
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Usually every quarter we meet for our Growth Hacking meetup. After a long break due to the pandemic the series of Growth Hacking meetups continued on Oct 7th, 2021 with two exciting growth cases.

After such a long time it was a great chance to discuss and learn from growth cases of other companies, listen to the expert panel and contributions from the audience.

In case you missed it: we’ve collected the slide decks and are also sharing a podcast version of the meetup.

Meet the Presenters and Growth Cases

Growth Case: Sherpany

presented by Marco Mancini (Growth Hacker, Sherpany)

Sherpany is a Meeting Management Software to streamline decision-making, shorten meetings, and securely access everything you need.

Problem: targeting all regulated industries led to generic messages

Solution: switch focus to an account based marketing

Key insights

  • LEARN, do surveys internal & external
  • BUILD hypotheses, run the most important
  • TEST, you need an experimentation framework, measure with KPIs
  • RESULTS, find your target audience
  • COMMUNICATION is key, target different persons with different messages

Download the Sherpany growth slide deck

Sherpany presentation download

Growth Case: Calingo

presented by Daniel Litscher (COO, Calingo Insurance AG) makes getting an insurance easy, digitally – without any paperwork, just a few clicks and you know the price for your customised insurance. Cancel it monthly.

Problem: nobody is interested in insurances, digitally it is difficult to know the moment, when people need it, insurer ask questions people don’t know the answer

Solution: one click insurance, tailored products whilst the customer does not need to answer a bunch of questions

Key insights

  • Reduce complexity
  • Ask only few questions and based on that offer different options
  • Find unconventional channels, where there is a connection to your product (e.g. movings are connected to a new insurance)

Download the Calingo slide deck

Calingo presentation download

Meet our Panelists

Meet our Moderator

  • Ian Simpson (Senior Marketing & Communication Manager, Bitcoin Suisse AG)

Missed the event? Tune in to listen to the Growth Hackers Meetup Podcast

Download our podcast, sit back and listen to the growth hacking stories from our Swiss startups, and learn from their mistakes and successes which helped them to scale their business.

Listen here to the Sherpany podcast now

Listen here to the Calingo Insurance podcast now

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