Better Marketing automation with Bexio and Pipedrive – what. launches connector app

Written by
Luke Szkudlarek

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a Bexio Pipedrive integration available for installation. Starting from June 2021, we will offer our Bexio Pipedrive Connector app on the Pipedrive Marketplace, helping companies automatically move information from Bexio to Pipedrive.

Why Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRMs, known for being easy to use, combining simple deal flow tracking and automation, making the lead process seamless and more practical. Together with Pipedrive and Bexio, we will help you to integrate your accounting information into your sales process and increase your sales potential. 

Why is it useful?

We have previously tried to work with the Bexio and Pipedrive integration from Zapier, but unfortunately, it didn’t work as well as expected, resulting in contact duplication on Pipedrive. With an increasing amount of inquiries from our customers with similar experiences, we have decided to take matters into our own hands. That is why we created an integration between an accounting solution and a CRM tool specifically for small businesses and self-employed people. Our goal with this integration is to automate and combine accounting for users with the help of intelligent technologies, giving them more time to focus on important tasks.

Bexio Pipedrive Connector App features

The Bexio Pipedrive Connector app allows users to automatically create new contacts in Pipedrive when a contact is added in Bexio. Furthermore, it automatically takes over the changes and updates of contact names in Pipedrive when changed in Bexio. The automated accounting gives you the possibility to bring in invoices from Bexio as a file in the contact in Pipedrive. In addition, it shows the gross revenue for individual contacts. 

More features coming soon

In the future, we will add the feature of transferring more contact information from Bexio to Pipedrive (e.g., address, phone number). Then you will also be able to update contacts in Bexio when details are updated in Pipedrive. Furthermore, it will be possible to show the invoice status in Pipedrive.

Why combine Bexio with Pipedrive?

Connecting Bexio to Pipedrive makes the exchange of customer data and documents more accessible. This saves you a lot of time since you don’t have to enter customer information in both systems manually. As a result, significant time savings and error rates due to nonsynchronous data can be reduced. Besides the contact information, the integration allows you to add invoices to Pipedrive and ensure the data is synchronized between the two systems.

More about what.

what. has been working with Pipedrive for more than two years and has a strong team of experts as an official Pipedrive partner. Our Pipedrive support solutions help businesses to turn their leads into customers. We assist you in integrating Pipedrive into your business and automate your sales workflow with your accounting solution. With the help of our on-hand developers, we help with complex use cases, making sure to migrate you to Pipedrive effectively. 

Our lean resourcing model means delivering your project efficiently, offering high quality and a Swiss customer interface. With design, development, and growth hacking services all in one place, we can provide a comprehensive strategy that incorporates every element you’ll need to sell online. 

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