Luke Szkudlarek

Digital Strategy Lead, Partner

Zurich, Switzerland
English, Polish, German
15+ years of experience in digital
Co-Founder of Switzerland’s first Growth Hacking group
Corporate experience in leading banks

Luke is the mastermind behind the company’s growth hacking strategies. Developing and monetising websites from the early days of the web, today he sets the tone for the team, to ensure everything the company does creates sustainable growth for customers, and helps them reach their targets. His biggest passion is seeing companies launch exciting new products with high growth potential.

With 15+ years of experience in digital within corporates as well as countless startups and modern SMEs, Luke gives regular contributions to the industry, speaking at startup events, covering data-driven marketing, growth hacking, and go-to-market strategies. In addition, Luke is the lead organiser of Switzerland’s first Growth Hacking group, which now regularly gathers rising startups and successful growth hackers.

Luke enjoys inventing new growth concepts through research and constant experiments, which helps ensure that what. can keep offering world-class services.


Run the company with a focus on the growth hacking team and strategy

Lead the team to create an environment where everyone can perform at a world-class level

Support the startup community in Switzerland, contribute to the development of the ecosystem and create strong ties with Silicon Valley and China

Deliver and implement work, which is the best way to learn new tricks


Continue to grow what. through the growth of customers

Build a modern and autonomous organisation that offers entrepreneurial opportunities to top talent in the industry

Further contribute to the community and exchange knowledge with peers

Continue to experiment and invent new growth hacks

Be able to publish even more content

Keep developing and growing our product in-house

Experience & Education

MSc in Business Computing & Economics from the University of Economics. Poznan, Poland
3+ years at the UK's first SEO agency
Managed a £5M digital marketing budget in 80+ countries at HSBC
Worked multiple years as a web developer, a key skill in growth hacking, analytics & SEO
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