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Marketing Automation Setup & Management

Why: Build a systematic and organised lead nurturing and sales process

What’s included

  • Creating the initial concept for the drip campaign and outreach (e.g. one journey with no more than 3 emails)
  • Implementation of drip campaigns
  • Coaching, consultation and support for the team
  • Feedback on email content provided by team
  • Basic example texts and tips in relation to the emails to be used


  • Copywriting of complex texts and content creation
  • Technical integrations with CRM and drip campaign systems

Email Newsletter Review

Why: Contacting customers via a newsletter allows you to target users who are already interested in your services

What’s included

  • A review of the current website subscribe options, and recommendations for improvements
  • Recommendation for new newsletter platform
  • Creation of a new newsletter template
  • Importing subscribers from previous newsletter platform
  • Creation of a strategy and identifying improvements for email newsletters going forward


  • Design of email newsletter in html – design to be created using drag and drop builder
  • Implementation of website subscribe recommendations
  • Content creation for email newsletters

CRM / Automation Tool Selection 

Why: An organised and efficient CRM tool is important to keep contacts and leads in one place

What’s included

  • Analyse requirements for a CRM
  • Recommending the best tool for purpose


  • Moving contacts into new CRM

CRM / Automation Tool Migration

Why: Once a new CRM has been chosen, ensuring all data is correctly and efficiently moved across is required

What’s included

  • Importing contacts into CRM
  • Suggestions for best setup of the tool in order to keep contacts organised


  • Updating contacts on a case-by-case basis

Landing page creation

Why: Landing pages can be created quickly and efficiently to provide interesting and engaging content to the audience, and used as a lead generation tool

What’s included

  • Content creation for landing pages
  • Design and creation of landing pages in HubSpot
  • Distribution recommendations for new lading pages
  • Analysis of performance and recommendations for improvements

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