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Marketing Automation Zürich, Switzerland

Email Newsletter Review

Contacting customers via a newsletter allows you to target users who are already interested in your services

What’s included

  • A review of the current website subscribe options, and recommendations for improvements
  • Recommendation for new newsletter platform
  • Creation of a new newsletter template
  • Importing subscribers from previous newsletter platform
  • Creation of a strategy and identifying improvements for email newsletters going forward

Setup Marketing Automation

Build a systematic and organised lead nurturing and sales process

What’s included

  • Supporting the team to create first drip journeys
  • Creating the initial concept for the drip campaign and outreach (e.g. one journey with no more than 3 emails)
  • Coaching, consultation and support for the team
  • Feedback on email content provided by team
  • Basic example texts and tips in relation to the emails to be used

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