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Facebook & Instagram Ads – Setup & Management

Geographical scope: Switzerland or international

Language scope: Any language

Why: Facebook offers a unique range of targeting criteria to reach the right audience, in order to generate sales/leads/traffic/build community/raise awareness

What’s included

  • Configuration of the Facebook Business Manager and account assets
  • Setup of new campaigns and ads
  • All Facebook properties and ad formats, including Instagram and native advertising
  • Management of campaigns, ad groups, demographics and ads to optimise KPIs and achieve ongoing improvement in content distribution, community growth, interactions and conversions – meaning “getting the most of the media spend”
  • New ideas regarding optimisation, targeting or content
  • Feedback on proposed creative content, data related to performance of creatives and input into the future creative briefs
  • Setup and nurturing of lookalike audiences to increase the reach of potential customers
  • Liaising with the Facebook support and country account manager and support team
  • Deliver data driven insights and making these insights actionable (i.e. business relevant actions)
  • Analysis of the multi channel attribution metrics to understand the value of social media advertising and act accordingly to the results
  • Adjustments and constant testing of all available demographic targeting methods, including building custom audiences
  • Implement activities to direct users to sales/lead generation funnel
  • Advising on the best use of artwork, images, animated banners, support with brainstorming, ideas and various formats – providing feedback on the creative performance and setting up new creatives
  • Providing feedback and ideas in relation to content performance
  • Setup and management of campaign tracking to provide best practice and reliable setup to maintain a high quality of data


  • Adjusting creatives to the audience, e.g. different messages on Instagram vs. Facebook
  • Creation of ad creatives
  • Content production, publishing and scheduling
  • Managing responses, community and feedback from fans and users
  • Development of scripts
  • Extensive debugging of tracking

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