NFTs launch for Morand – Boosting customer engagement of one of the most iconic Swiss brands

4 weeks ago
By Liwaa
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For over 130 years, Morand has been at the forefront of innovation. Founded in 1889 by Louis Morand who utilised the vineyards of Martigny-Croix, Plan-Cerisier, and Sommet-de-Vignes to distill the first products, all the way to today, where they continue to create liqueurs using those same recipes of the founder. But they also continue to innovate, bringing out new products and adapting to changing tastes while staying true to tradition.

Morand syrup labels act as timepieces from the past – with some dating back to the 1920s, they reflect the rich journey & history of Morand showcasing a brand that continues to thrive after all of these years.

What is an NFT and how are they utilised by Morand?

In a previous article, we share a beginner guide to NFTs for brands and highlight the core definition of Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, which are digital assets such as images, videos, GIFs, & music. Every NFT is unique and one of a kind.  They exist on the blockchain and are held in a digital wallet – allowing you to transfer, buy and sell NFTs from anyone around the world instantly.

Morand implemented a solution for loyal customers and brand enthusiasts to own a piece of its history through a unique Vintage Label NFT collection. Presenting an opportunity to own a piece of Morand whilst being at the forefront of Web3, and being part of one of the first companies in Switzerland to release an NFT collection.

Introducing Morand Vintage Label NFT Collection with Benefits

Having a history spanning over 130 years, Morand has been through a lot of changes to the products, branding, and especially product labels. Morand owns a collection of vintage product labels dating all the way back to the 1920s, these labels hold a deep sentimental value to the brand.

Morand decided to introduce an NFT collection around these vintage labels, essentially digitalising the labels and creating NFTs which can be bought, sold, and transferred by people. The collection is limited to 50 Morand Vintage Label NFT, each with a unique artwork that is fully animating showcasing a piece from Morand’s timeline. All of these NFTs are auctions through an NFT marketplace called Opensea.

It was important for the company to release the collection with tangible benefits. As a result the NFTs give some exclusive advantages to the buyers & holders.

Why own a Morand Vintage Label NFT? What are the benefits?

The NFTs will enable buyers & holders to access specific utilities, while also sharing value through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and directly creating a positive impact & outcome for charities.

Benefits to the buyers & holders of the NFTs:

• Unique discounts & promotions on non-alcoholic products for Switzerland people

• Raffle draws, rewards, and prizes

• Exclusive Morand products only available to NFT holders

• Early access to future NFT drops

• Access to events, workshops, and exclusive community of Morand NFT collectors and enthusiasts

• Visit the Morand distillery and a tour showcasing the rich history behind the brand

Benefits to Morand & charities involved: 

• Spreading a positive message through CSR involving two Swiss charities – SOS Enfants de Chez Nous and SOS Kinderdorf

• Financial benefit from the primary sale of the NFTs

• Perpetual income through royalties from the secondary sale of the NFTs

• Pave the way to Web3 and create a successful proof-of-concept

• Innovate in the space and explore new ways to engage customers & brand enthusiasts.

Morand Vision with Web3

Morand is a leader in innovation and continues to show the reason why the brand has been standing strong for over 130 years. Being a Swiss brand Morand focuses on growth and quality by adding value to the customers and creating an ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. As part of entering the Web3 space, Morand is looking to create value to the customers and brand enthusiasts through exploring different products and solutions. Morand has always looked at exploring new ways of creating value and NFTs seem to be the best vehicle that grants buyers & holders the ability to be part of the journey through owning a timeless piece of Morand’s history and benefiting from the utilities. By proving a successful use case of brand activation on Web3, Morand will be able to explore more ideas related to the Metaverse and other blockchain-related solutions in the near future.

Want to activate your brand with NFTs?

At we focus on brand activation through taking clients from Web2 to Web3 without impacting their day-to-day business. By utilising different options, we are able to assess a business and recommend the best solution to enter the Web3 space without impacting the existing operational business model. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a great way for Web2 brands to enter the Web3 space as it is customizable, flexible, and most importantly grants ownership to the end-user which is the core essence of Web3.