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Website Relaunch and Development Services

Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce solution not needing any hosting services, upgrades, software or web server maintenance. A well established multinational Canadian company that has an extensive, partner network with millions of shops worldwide. Offering shop owners various services to set up their store from marketing, billing and shipping options. Compatible for international Shopify transactions and Swiss payments including Twint, PostFinance and Wallee by integrating the needed plugins from the platform.

Start selling without coding

A scalable e-commerce platform without necessary coding that lets you start, manage and grow your business. Importing products from your previous store or setting up a new one with all the features you need to operate your business. Choosing from thousands of apps in the marketplace, there are endless options to customise any section in your store, further modifications can be made using HTML and CSS.

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Accelerate your launch

Work with software that lets you update content quickly on the spot

Incredibly versatile

Building complex platforms for companies, organisations and governments.

Global support

Django CMS is built on Django – of the most loved web frameworks

Easy for content editors

Make small and complex layout changes to any of the sections on the pages.

Ridiculously fast & scalable

Helping developers take the concept to execution as fast as possible to meet the heaviest traffic demands.

Reassuringly secure

Secure way to manage websites data, account and passwords. Avoiding any security mistakes such as SQL injections, cross site forgery and clickjacking.

what.’s special


Experienced developers. Expertise in Python, Laravel, PHP and Angular.


Lean method. Lean resourcing model empowers continuous improved performance.


Swiss-based. High quality, product service and Swiss customer interface.


All in one. Concept, content management to design, development, and growth hacking.

“Django CMS offers a modern and technologically sound solution for any website needs. Websites are the heart of businesses. We don’t just build the website, but accelerate business transformation and company growth. “

Leandra Waeber


What is Shopify?

Shopify is subscription based software used for anyone that is looking to set up an online store to sell their products or services.  The platform is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, providing you with the foundation and tools to showcase your products.

Allowing you to engage with your customers with in-depth knowledge of your online store’s information. With this e-commerce platform, you can start your online business and use it to scale or manage your inventory. It is not only seen as a Store builder but a commerce platform where you can quickly launch your online store.

Is Shopify the right solution for me?