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Who are Swiss Startup Factory?

Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) are the leading independent and privately financed early stage ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.

The challenge

Swiss Startup Factory were launching their accelerator program for the first time and required input from a number of experts. It was important for SSUF that the startup founders who entered their program receive timely support from growth hacking & MVP development specialists, in order to develop their client acquisition strategy. This way they can concentrate on their area of expertise and still achieve their product validation or sales targets.

What we did

We conducted intensive training to bring the founders up to speed with relevant growth hacking and product launch strategies. This is key to ensure the startup founders use their resources to focus on their product, whilst making sure that the acquisition strategies have been considered.

We worked with SSUF from the first batch of startups by delivering tailor-made workshop style training. The sessions included topics such as growth hacking, MVP development, analytics, launch strategies, crowdfunding (e.g. kickstarter), marketing planning and forecasting and digital marketing and analytics. During the workshops we discussed real use cases from our customers, including failed projects that provided tangible learning and insights.

Startup founders were able to openly discuss their challenges with us and we helped to identify solutions. With our expertise, we were able to save them significant time would they have had to find the solution themselves.

We also ensured we were available for ‘ad hoc’ queries and follow up sessions.



Satisfaction - High satisfaction and all participants would recommend our workshops


Startups that participated were subsequently fully funded

Growth hacks have helped our startups to (in)validate their assumptions faster. The coaching was essential to make them think outside of the box and try less obvious approaches.
Oliver Walzer
CIO at Swiss Start Up Factory

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