The Challenge

  • Timing for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) has never been better
  • New coins and ICOs are being rushed to market on a weekly basis
  • It’s marketing that’s driving pledges and accelerates the growth of ICOs
  • Founding teams miss out on marketing opportunities to achieve greater sales of tokens, mostly due to low quality campaign assets, uncoordinated execution and poor visibility on digital channels

Our ICO Services


1. ICO Power Hour

Strategic input to your campaign concept, including data analytics, influencer partnerships, marketing channels selection, content and campaign assets

  • Delivered by the Founding Partners with past ICO experience 
  • Dive into your campaign data, study what worked in the past to discover opportunities
  • Review your product & approach to token sales, tiering, pricing, volumes etc.
  • We’ll identify growth hacks / low hanging fruit to enable you make rapid improvements, whilst providing strategic input and long term outlook
  • Optional: Crowdfunding application setup
  • Optional: Legal check of your formal structure


More about the session

2. Assets preparation

We create, design & develop your ICO campaign assets to give you a professional look and build credibility. Designs can ‘make or break’ the campaign.

  • Content strategy, including pitch decks design, optimisation
  • Professional copywriting with crypto and fintech know-how
  • Web development of frontend assets to support your campaign
  • Optional: Development and preparation of the crowdfunding application, including testing, security checks of smart contracts


Our services will be coordinated by one of the partners and delivered by our team of experienced specialists.


3. Campaign execution

Total visibility on relevant placements to drive ICO pledges across all relevant channels through paid, organic media & partnerships. This is essential to ensure that your target audience knows that you are conducting an ICO.

  • We work together with your team to drive crowd sales
  • We design, develop and distribute your campaign assets
  • Channels include: Google Search, YouTube, Display banners on relevant sites, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • Partnerships – take advantage of our partnerships to get PR and social coverage


Option 1 – Hourly based arrangement, you pay for our time

Option 2 – Reward based arrangement, we get paid when sell tokens through our activity

Why us?

Our Differentiators

  • We help brands grow online measured with revenue, traffic or engagement
  • Crypto & fintech startup marketing experience
  • Well connected in the fintech ecosystem
  • Swiss based, with a distributed teams in Poland, UK and Germany
  • Lean and efficient
  • Flexible access to Swiss crypto network of legal advisors, blockchain developers and partners

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Next Steps

  1. Get in touch –  Please email our team or Luke directly and tell us more about your project, we’ll then be able to see how we can help and arrange a call with you to discuss next steps.
  2. ICO Power Hour – One off meeting with our experts to get your launch strategy into shape.
  3. Assets preparation – From assets design, copywriting to website development. Let us help you make a great first impression and build trust with potential investors, whilst you focus on product & technical development.
  4. Campaign execution – Our experienced team can work in tandem with your team to support your crowd sale so that you can focus on other activities during the busy campaign period.


We would love to hear from you.

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