Using Reddit as a marketing channel for NFTs

2 weeks ago
By Liwaa
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As the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized technologies like Web3 continue to grow and gain mainstream attention, it’s important for companies and individuals looking to enter the space to consider effective marketing strategies. One platform that has consistently proven to be a valuable resource for marketers is Reddit.

With over 400+ million monthly active users and over 5+ million crypto users with a wide range of highly engaged communities, Reddit offers a unique opportunity to reach a targeted and passionate audience. In this article, we’ll explore the various ways that you can use Reddit to promote your NFTs and Web3 projects, as well as some best practices to keep in mind.

Understanding the fundamentals of Reddit

First, let’s start by understanding the basics of Reddit and how it works. Reddit is a social media platform that consists of thousands of individual communities, or “subreddits,” that are focused on specific topics or themes. Each subreddit is moderated by a team of volunteers and has its own set of rules and guidelines for posting and commenting.

Users can post content in the form of text, links, or images, and other users can upvote or downvote the content to indicate their approval or disapproval. The more upvotes a post or comment receives, the higher it will appear on the subreddit’s front page, which is where most users go to see the most popular content.

Comparing Reddit vs. Twitter as a social media platform for NFT & Web3

While Twitter is still the leading social media platform there are certain communities that flourish on Reddit and tend to overcome all other social medias, these are mostly technical people with deep knowledge in Crypto, Web3, and Blockchain technology. However, comparting Reddit to Twitter we can see that Reddit is currently ranked #18 globally while Twitter sits at #4, both platforms share the same demographic and age distribution with a distinct differences when it comes to specific countries. For example, Reddit and Twitter most visited users by country is United States (Reddit 39.52% vs. Twitter 60.48%) however, the second country being Japan has nearly no visits to Reddit at 0.94% vs Twitter over 99.06% this is a massive gap in these specific audiences.

Statistics from Similarweb for Reddit vs. Twitter

Reddit strategies to market NFTs & Web3 Projects

Now that we have an understanding of Reddit, let’s explore some strategies for using it to promote your NFTs and Web3 projects.

1- Identify relevant subreddits

The first step in using Reddit for NFT and Web3 marketing is to find the right communities to engage with. There are a number of subreddits dedicated specifically to NFTs and Web3, such as r/NFTs and r/Web3, but you’ll also want to consider more general communities that may be interested in your project. For example, if you’re working on a Web3 project that has applications in the gaming industry, you might want to consider posting in r/Gaming just make sure that you don’t spam and read the rules of each subreddit to avoid being banned.

To find relevant subreddits, you can use Reddit’s search function, you can also use keywords that can help you find alternative subreddits which might be useful for your project outreach.

2- Follow the subreddit rules and guidelines

Before you start posting in any subreddit, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the community’s rules and guidelines. These can usually be found in the subreddit’s sidebar or in the “About” section. Violating the rules can result in your content being removed or even banned from the subreddit, so it’s important to take the time to understand what is and isn’t allowed.

In general, you’ll want to avoid spamming or promoting your NFTs or Web3 projects in a way that is excessively self-serving or off-topic. Instead, focus on adding value to the community by sharing interesting and relevant content, engaging with other users, and being respectful and mindful of the community’s culture.

3- Share information and updates about your project

Once you’ve found relevant subreddits and familiarized yourself with their rules and guidelines, you can start sharing information about your NFTs or Web3 project. This can include updates on your progress, new features or developments, behind-the-scenes content, and anything else that might be of interest to the community.

It’s important to keep in mind that Reddit users are generally savvy and knowledgeable about NFTs and Web3, so be prepared to answer questions and provide detailed information about your project. This is a great opportunity to build credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader in the space.

4- Participate in discussions

Widen your scope, by engaging in discussions with other projects and topics you can learn more about the industry as a whole. This offers you opportunities to partner with others or add-value to your NFT or Web3 project. Reddit is not only a place to market, but it’s a forum and you need to use all the possible tools to make the best out of it. This industry is still young and everyone is willing to share and learn from each other, make sure to engage and stay alert and up-to-date with all the surroundings to stay ahead in the game.

5- Host an “AMA” (Ask me Anything) thread

One effective way to promote your NFT or dApp on Reddit is to host an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) thread. In an AMA, users can ask you anything about your project, and you can answer their questions in real-time. This can be a great way to build interest and engagement around your project, and to establish yourself as a thought leader in the space.

6- Asking question and igniting discussions

This is a great strategy for you to get started on Reddit and build up your Karma points which are points that grants you credibility and potentially helps bring you more into the spotlight. Reddit acts like a forum where people appreciate questions and collectively they contribute to sharing knowledge and awareness which makes the Reddit community strong.

7- Commenting on other projects within the same industry

Don’t be afraid to go outside your bubble, comment on other projects especially if they are in the same industry. This will allow you to gain exposure from new communities and bring fresh eyes to your project and yourself. It’s a great way to penetrate any market especially if you share useful and thought provocative comments.

8- Writing general observations, findings, tips, and advice

Share your findings, advice, tips, and what you learned from your own experiences in the Web3 space, people appreciate knowledge sharing in particular Reddit users. They enjoy exploring other people experiences to learn from them. This will also help promote you to the top and get acknowledges by a lot of users on Reddit.


It’s important to be consistent and persistent in your Reddit marketing efforts. Building a presence on Reddit takes time and effort, and it’s important to be consistent in your posting and engagement in order to build a strong and engaged community around your NFT and Web3 project. Reddit can be a powerful tool for NFT and Web3 marketing, but it requires a different approach than other social media platforms. By finding relevant subreddits, participating in the community, collaborating with other users and communities, and advertising on the platform