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  • TikTok is one of the most popular social media networks among the younger generation (16-34) and has over 500’000 active users in Switzerland
  • According to a study from GDI, over 40% of young Swiss people are present on TikTok or have tested it at least once
  • Creating your own engaging content and coming up with interesting ideas for your brand can be overwhelming, and a time-consuming task
  • Interacting and engaging with younger consumers can be challenging for brands
Build your brand on TikTok with what.

Why TikTok?

Brand Takeover

Capture user attention with full-screen visual experience, delivering visual impact for your brand with static or dynamic display.

Meet the next generation

Instantly connect with the next generation of highly-engaged consumers in major cities around the world.

Get unique engagement

Start a new hashtag challenge or convert users into ambassadors through shared experiences on the platform.

Drive exponential growth

Achieve fast growth and maximum visibility by making use of TikTok’s intelligent content discovery process.

In-Feed Ads

Share your brand story like a TikTok creator by appearing in the user’s “For You” feed.

Branded Effects

Understand exactly how your business is performing and who your customers are, with a global overview of users, stores, and automation.

Our Tiktok Experts

TikTok allows businesses to tap into a new world of micro-social entertainment, where tons of authentic and casual content is created on a daily basis. TikTok offers organic and paid advertising opportunities and its unique style requires a totally different approach than other platforms, which creates a level playing field for newcomers.
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Our lean resourcing model means we can get started immediately and efficiently deliver your project

User focus

We learn from user feedback, and we know the user always wins

All in one

With design, development and growth hacking all in one place, we can deliver an extensive strategy that incorporates all elements of success

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Build your brand on TikTok with what.

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