Victor Yunenko

Senior Developer

Kharkiv, Ukraine
English, Ukrainian and Russian
Passionate team lead
Versatile technical skills
6 years of technical experience

Victor is Senior Developer at what. and is able to exercise his extensive skills to bring cutting-edge software engineering and communication techniques to our clients’ development processes. Victor has been working as a web developer for many years, supporting international startups to define and implement their technical needs, ranging from front-end to back-end.


5 years of django and django CMS expertise

contributed to various open source projects in the django and django CMS ecosystem

leading and coaching a django & django CMS team of 8+ developers

Proven frontend experience in Vue.js, and Angular using TypeScript

Expert developer in django including django Rest Framework (DRF)


Scaling up the what. technical team

Smoothly introduce cutting-edge technology into the daily business

contribute further to the health and growth of the django & django CMS ecosystem and community

Experience & Education

Continuous education through open lectures from MIT, Berkely, Stanford, UCLA and more
6 years of professional experience as a Senior Developer, responsible to develop and maintain dozens of django web applications