Elizabeth Hough


Lancaster, UK
10+ years of experience in copywriting and PR
Copywriting experience across various sectors
Experience across different industries

Elizabeth’s goal is to help clients find their unique voice, enabling them to stand out above their competitors. She specialises in developing engaging and thought provoking content, that will propel her client audiences to, “like, purchase and share”.

When working with others she takes pride in understanding them and what they want to achieve from a piece of work, with the main aim to help elevate their burden of writing content, thus turning their ideas into reality.


Working in copywriting and PR for over 10 years

Working with international clients at what. to help them build their online reputation

Specialises in copywriting, content creation, PR, and event management


Take pride in understanding the dynamics and ethos of all what. clients

Create ongoing value for the clients

Experience & Education

Bachelor in English Literature with Cultural History and Drama at Liverpool John Moores University

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