Dominik Kucharski

Senior Frontend and WordPress Developer

Szczecin, Poland
English, Polish
10+ years in web development
Advocate and pioneer of remote working
4+ years experience with what.

Dominik has been working for more than a decade as a developer for companies in the United States and throughout Europe. He is a strong supporter of remote work since its very beginning. Dominik joined what. in 2016 as a WordPress and senior front-end developer. In the past 4 years, he has put his knowledge and coding skills at the service of our customers, converting beautiful designs into working websites.


Front-end development, UI/UX, CMS

WordPress/Django/Craft, Animations


Improve the front-end development workflow

Keep growing within what.

Learn more about new modern CMSs and gain more knowledge about the Vue.js framework

Experience & Education

MSc degree in Computer Science with a specialization in “Multimedia and Creative Technologies” from the UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland