Chris Bernat

Senior Full-stack Javascript Engineer

Lublin, Poland
English, Polish
5 years experience in developing apps and systems
Experience with companies worldwide across different industries
PhD in Computer Science

Following his PhD in Computer Science, Chris started working as a developer 5 years ago. As a Senior Full-stack Javascript Engineer at, Chris has been working with many international projects from all over the world across different industries, supporting clients in shaping up applications and systems.

In his free time, Chris doesn’t let his laptop cool down, but rather works on his upcoming YouTube channel and keeps broadening, diversifying, and improving his tech knowledge.


Working as a developer for 5 years, developing applications and systems

Back-end development with Node.js and its frameworks

Back-end development with Python and Django

Front-end development in any technology requested


Launch a YouTube channel and online courses later on to teach tech coding related subjects to beginners

Keep improving his knowledge of different technologies, such as machine learning, artificial neural networks, DevOps

Start a company based on a product he is working on and, hopefully, outpace some big players in the digital market.

Experience & Education

PhD in Computer Science from the University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin, Poland

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