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Website speed optimisation

With the advent of mobile users now expect all websites to be fast even if they are being accessed “on the go” and from a low-bandwidth internet connection. According to research from Kissmetrics, 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Google have also been advocating for faster page response and indirectly “penalise” websites when the page speed doesn’t meet their standard (i.e. score at least 70-80 / 100 in their Page performance test).

Therefore faster page loading can improve the overall performance of the website, from the search marketing performance to lower bounce rates & higher conversions.

At we recognise that an improvement in page speed requires a combination of various factors, from server response time, frontend optimisiton, tracking dependencies to content optimisation.

Although our approach works for all platforms, we are proud to have optimised sites built on WordPress, Django, DjangoCMS, Hybris and Magento.

Our approach starts with an assessment and benchmarking phase to see what can be improved and how the improvements would impact business performance.

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