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Website Relaunch & Migration

Retain your SEO history and launch successfully on plan.

Any website relaunch requires a significant investment of resources and therefore the expectations from the new site are high, i.e. higher conversion rate, more leads, and increase in sales.

The reality is that all website relaunches are associated with certain risks – such as loss of organic search (SEO) traffic, broken user journeys, incorrect migration of analytics, and server configuration errors. These risks can be costly to any business, large or small.

We have seen many companies failing to successfully relaunch their websites. This failure often leads to post-launch troubleshooting and additional costs. As a result the traffic volume is down and subsequently the business suffers as it takes time to recover lost visibility.

We developed a formula to successfully launch a website with not only zero traffic loss, but significant improvements.  We combine all necessary disciplines to deliver a successful relaunch or migration. These services include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), User Experience (UX), data analytics, project management, business modelling, and UX design.

If you are planning a website relaunch or planning to migrate your domain please get in touch.