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Personal Branding Zürich, Switzerland

Assessment of website profile pages

The project team are an important selling tool, and ensuring the profile pages are up to date and easy to digest will be imperative

What’s included

  • A review of  key employee profiles on the website
  • Identifying areas for improvement, including content, layout and internal linking
  • Assisting with implementation of recommendations

Optimise LinkedIn profile of key employees

LinkedIn pages are another way for potential leads to be generated, and therefore the Linkedin profile page of key employees should be optimised and treated as a selling tool

What’s included

  • A review of key employee profiles on Linkedin
  • Identifying areas for improvement, including content, imagery and activity
  • Assisting with the implementation of recommendations
  • Providing content sharing recommendations

LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to showcase the experience of individuals and build up an extensive network of potential leads

What’s included

  • Review and recommendations for improving individual LinkedIn profiles
  • Review and recommendations on how to share content on LinkedIn to get the most value
  • Creation of lead generation process and sales pipeline to be implemented
  • Recommendations and assistance on how to reach out to potential leads

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