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Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis will lead you to the formulation of your overall SEO strategy, link building and content plan.

In order to grow your organic traffic and sales, we need a solid understanding of the target keywords. The aim of the keyword research is to find out how prospects search for your products, services, brand and other relevant topics.

Here are the typical steps of the SEO keyword research:

1 – Briefing – gather all the information you know about your services, products, competitors, target market, audience.

2 – Data analysis & research – We’ll study your website data and your competitor websites. This is often done in a spreadsheet, initially as a brainstorm.

3 – Keyword strategy workshop – Finally, the list gets validated with data from external sources such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords and other sources of data. Data sources used in Keyword Research: customer website, competitor sites, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Majestic, imagination & most importantly common sense.

We present the outcomes in a mind map to visualise your SEO keyword research, it helps to clearly see the important content groups (AKA content hubs).

4 – Keyword mapping – The end result of the keyword analysis should be a keyword mapping table, which contains primary and secondary phrases for each page on your site. We recommend using only one primary keyword per page and between up to two secondary keywords.

If you are prepared to kickstart your SEO with please or need help with SEO research please get in touch with Luke.