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Optimisation of online marketing is essential to achieve optimal performance. Regular management of online marketing activity requires a significant investment of time to perform the optimisation tasks.

Luckily with the advent of open platforms (via APIs), bots and scripting languages a lot of manual tasks can be automated.

At we make online platforms talk to each other to reduce your manual tasks to minimum.

We help companies large and small to automate their operation in order to save time.

Typical automation work can include:

  • Dynamic SEO – automated optimisation of content on large websites
  • Social media bots – automatic delivery of tasks, effective community building 24/7
  • Lead nurturing – automated rules for lead nurturing that include channels such as Email, Twitter & Your own website
  • Reporting – combining Google Analytics reports with Twitter, AdWords & other platforms to deliver scheduled reports to your inbox

It’s possible that you might not even be aware of certain integrations – in this case we can help you identify tasks and tools that can help you automate manual tasks.