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Crowdfunding & Security Token Offering (STO) Marketing Services

The Challenge

  • STOs are legally complex and costly, therefore it’s paramount to understand the market and know what customers & investors are looking for BEFORE you invest in designing your security and developing your technical structures
  • It’s the combination of a great product & marketing that will lead to buzz and subsequent  investments
  • Founding teams could miss out on marketing opportunities to achieve greater sales of tokens, mostly due to poor product / community fit, low quality campaign assets, uncoordinated execution and poor visibility on digital channels

Our STO Marketing Services

Our Step-by-Step approach is developed in a way to reduce the risk of financial exposure, whilst validating the offering & gathering investor contacts at each step of the process.

  1. Assessment & Marketing Strategy Workshop
    A thorough assessment of the STO and product, and preparation of a bespoke marketing roadmap with a unique sales message and story. 
  2. Before public sale
    Launch of the marketing to validate and refine marketing rollout plan, ideally first investor leads & commitments achieved in this phase.
  3. Public sale
    Start your public sale with a splash to get those early contributions and keep the momentum going. 
  4. Investor relations
    Combine your great online marketing with our investor relation services to increase your presence on the ground and access investors.

1. STO Marketing Strategy Workshop

We have consulted on more than 50 crowdfunding projects. In the workshop we offer our strategic input to your value proposition, including tokenomics, which will help us to design a campaign concept that has a greater chance to attract customers and token buyers.

In the workshop, we’ll focus on the value proposition development, sales messages, communication, content, PR and influencer strategy.

Outcome: STO assessment, launch concept, key sales messages, marketing roadmap and resource plan


  • Research the product, whitepaper, competitors and target markets specific to the proposition.
  • 2 hour workshop with a partner from
  • Key sales messages
  • First draft of the story
  • Competitive overview & positioning in the STO / tech market
  • Marketing roadmap with services, timeline, budget and resourcing plan
  • 1 hour Q&A session after the workshop to answer any open questions

Budget: 3’800 CHF

2. Before public sale

The aim of the pre-public sale phase is to prepare, measure the community interest and create the initial momentum.

Our clients can pick & choose which activities they would like to do on their own; we’re completely flexible. Our expert team will work together with your in-house team to execute the planned roadmap.

In this phase the marketing investment is still conservative as the marketing channels are tested and adjusted to suit your offer.

  • Growth hacking activities
  • PR
  • Content production and distribution
  • Paid advertising
  • Partnerships
  • Email
  • Affiliates
  • Social channels
  • Community building
  • Management of translations in all languages
  • Article and press release creation and distribution
  • Web design and development of front-end assets, animations and content to support your campaign

Our services will be coordinated by one of the partners and delivered by our team of experienced specialists.

Typical budget: 20’000 – 50’000 CHF

3. Public Sale

Total visibility on hyper relevant placements in highly selected influential media. We will use any channel that’s needed, including STO listings, blockchain media, YouTube influencers, PR, bloggers, email, paid media (e.g. banners, remarketing) and many other opportunities and growth hacks.

  • A team of 10+ professionals will work to deliver the roadmap defined in the workshop and validated during the pre-public sale 
  • Accurate STO listings and maintenance of them for the duration of the campaign
  • Regular new deals and proposals to drive the momentum of the campaign
  • Growth hacking channels include: Email, STO listings, Google Search, YouTube, crypto publications,  Display banners on relevant sites, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram and many more
  • Partnerships – take advantage of our partnerships to get PR and social coverage


Hybrid payment model, hourly based arrangement, you pay for our time, combined with reward based part – meaning we get paid when you sell tokens through our activity

Typically between 50’000 – 200’000  CHF


We can only go as far with the online outreach and visibility. For any STO to be successful it’s essential to activate your team on the ground. Our spin-off partner company offers exactly that, including pitch evaluation and preparation, outreach to investors, event coordination & roadshows.

  • Pitch presentation
  • Investor documentation
  • Investor relations
  • Direct investor leads


High quality, secure development in line with the marketing roadmap.

Typical budget: 30 – 50k CHF

Why us?

Our Differentiators

  • We help brands grow online – measured with hype, ratings and contributions
  • International focus with team members covering all top crypto locations (Switzerland, UK, Germany, USA, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, HK)
  • Crypto & fintech startup marketing experience
  • Well connected in the blockchain and crypto community
  • Solid understanding of cross border regulation when marketing regulated products
  • Swiss based, with a globally distributed teams
  • More than 20 specialists involved in each project
  • Access to a STO issuance platform, compliant with international laws
  • Access to Swiss crypto network of legal advisors, blockchain developers and partners

Next Steps

  1. Tell us more about your project by emailing
  2. Conduct a quick intro call with Luke to learn more about our services
  3. Book our STO Assessment & Strategy Workshop – Assessment and One off meeting with our experts to get your launch strategy into shape

Executive Summary

  • Founded in 2015, is a growth hacking & development agency, helping modern companies to launch products with focus on online sales and crowdfunding
  • Professional approach to crowdfunding campaign delivery, providing ethical, white hat strategies
  • Proven track record in helping to raise funds through ICOs since 2016
  • Decentralised team of 40+ professionals, providing growth hacking, content production, community building, bounty, paid media, PR experts and frontend development services.
  • 10+ ICO/STO projects delivered, with $50m+ raised

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