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The web has been evolving continuously over the years, we started with a simple read-only webpage (Web1) to a more complex social media platforms that connected the world together adding value through information sharing (Web2). Now we are entering a new era by adding a layer of value sharing and monetization of content (Web3).

Prominent Web3 influencers are on the rise, they are focusing on empowering people through building on the blockchain and sharing their knowledge and experiences. We want to highlight some of the Web3 figures that have a big impact on the space and contribute to building the decentralised ecosystem.

Web3 Influencers & Learning Opportunities

A young genius from Russia who managed to change the world by introducing smart contracts to blockchain technology propelling it to the next level. Co-Founding Ethereum has enabled individuals, projects, and companies to implement solutions that are complex in a completely decentralized and autonomous way.

Learning opportunities – Vitalk is the mind behind Ethereum and the creation of smart contracts, you can learn from him the essence of building & coding decentralised systems.


Better known as CZ is the Founder of Binance the world’s largest and leading crypto exchange. Binance has grown significantly over the past few years with a strong team and a great leadership that has a vision to create an interlinked ecosystem enabling Web3 solutions to be accessible by everyone.

Learning opportunities – CZ created Binance the world’s largest crypto exchange, he always seeks new opportunities and works hard to create products that make crypto available for everyone in the world.


Since early 1990s Chris has been a prominent figure in anything related to technology and advancements. He is very well respected and helps spread awareness and guidance on Web3, Crypto, NFTs, and Blockchain technologies. Chris is also a partner at a16z and has over 800k+ followers on Twitter.

Learning opportunities – Chris is a wealth of knowledge, he shares important information that helps you explore different possibilities that the blockchain and Web3 have to offer.


Throughout his career Gary has always been the voice of promoting content creation on social media as he believes in personal marketing and information sharing. With the era of Web3, Gary entered the space by creating VeeFriends a project that played a key role in showcasing the endless possibilities of NFTs and collectibles. Gary remains to be a key voice in the Web3 community.

Learning opportunities – Gary created VeeFriends from scratch after learning about NFTs for only 90 days, he is an inspiration for entrepreneurs and has helped people enter the Web3 & NFT space. VeeFriends generated over $500+ million in all-time sales as of September 2022.


By being the Founder of Coinbase a well-established cryptocurrency exchange based in the US, Brain managed to penetrate the industry and become a voice for Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto technologies. He is a strong believer in the capabilities of blockchain technology to revolutionize the world.

Learning opportunities – Brian always seeks to build blockchain solutions to empower people and help them enter the crypto space. Coinbase went IPO on April 14 with the approval of the SEC which is the regulatory authority in the USA.


Also known as Pomp, he is a prominent figure that has been a strong crypto advocate since the start with a lot of focus on Bitcoin and the potential of it being the next safe-heaven through coining the term Gold 2.0 that is completely digital and decentralized with a scarce number of coins available.

Learning opportunities – Pomp hosts one of the biggest podcasts focusing on different topics related to mostly to Bitcoin, but also broader topics surrounding crypto, decentralisation & Web3. Pomp interviewed prominent figures inside and outside the crypto space in an effort to spread awareness about Bitcoin and the importance of decentralisation.


Biggest Bitcoin (BTC) holder in the world, currently is the Chairman & Founder of MicroStrategy an investment firm that owns over 129,699 BTC. Michael has always been an advocate of Bitcoin speaking highly about the capabilities that can be achieved using decentralized means of payment and wealth storage.

Learning opportunities – Michael is fearless, he put his reputation behind the bet that Bitcoin is the new global reserve and he built the largest BTC holding. Michael talks about the future of banking and the importance of decentralised currency globally.


A prominent & well-respected NFT & Web3 figure in the community. Kevin is the Co-Founder of PROOF Collective one of the biggest NFT projects in the market. Kevin is well known for his marketing skills and the way he curated loyal members of the community. He also created a number of successful projects including Moon Birds, showcasing the power of Web3 and the results that can be achieved through collaborative work with the community.

Learning opportunities – Kevin created multiple NFT projects that are leading the charts in sales with a solid community behind them. You can learn marketing and building a community from Kevin by following his work on PROOF Collective & MoonBirds.


The former CTO of Coinbase and General Partner at VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, Balaji Srinivasan, has nearly 632k followers on Twitter. Balaji speaks highly about the potential gain that can be achieved from investing and developing blockchain solutions. Balaji has also recently taken interest in Decentralized Science (DeSci) where he is helping fund projects through a16z to grow and build unique solutions to advance the scientific industry.

Learning opportunities – Balaji is an active voice promoting Web3 projects and actively seeking opportunities to invest in different projects. He focuses on the people behind the project and explores new possibilities that are trending.


Arguably the most known crypto and blockchain advocate Justin Sun has worked on multiple Web3 projects, including Ripple Labs and Tron. He has over 3 million Twitter followers. Justin always shares ideas that challenge thought leaders and presents solutions for problems that exist in our society.

Learning opportunities – Justin has over 3m+ Twitter followers with a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience by creating Tron and other crypto and blockchain projects that helped create the Web3 space and bring it to fruition.


Founder of Bankless, a project that aims to spread awareness, news, and updates on everything related to crypto, blockchain, and Web3. Bankless runs one of the biggest podcasts in the space featuring important guest speakers and thought-leaders spreading the importance of Web3 and its impact on the future.

Learning opportunities – Ryan runs a large Web3 & Crypto podcast Bankless which became the go-to place for everything related to the latest news & updates in the Web3 space.



Web3 influencers come in different levels and ideologies, some of them enable people, while others enable projects and industries. Nevertheless, you can learn a lot from each and every single one of them, the most important part is to explore Web3 influencers that share your interest and align with your requirements.