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Website relaunch

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Who are Viewfinder Center?

Viewfinder Center are a Zurich-based photography school, who offer courses in English and German, plus adventurous photo tours around the globe.

The challenge

SEO was identified as an opportunity to grow, however optimizing the existing website would have been too expensive and tiresome in the long run.

Therefore VFC considered a website relaunch.

What we did did a cost-benefit analysis of a website relaunch based on django CMS, a content management system that is part of a world-class web framework named django. django would allow VFC to implement a robust and future-proof client-facing storefront for VFC’s bespoke business logic, including custom-made ecommerce and course management, including a variety of discounts and gift vouchers.

An MVP strategy was agreed upon which allowed VFC to go live quickly at low cost with a focus on the must-haves.

During the MVP implementation, a rich website design was created which took full advantage of VFCs own excellent photography. django CMS now allows VFC to create engaging and diverse content, and editors can react to new marketing challenges without the assistance of technical staff.


39.5 %

Increased gross volume of sales year on year (YtD)

60 %

Average revenue per customer increased by 60% year over year (YtD)

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