TikTok – Paid ads in Switzerland

Implemented and developed brand's TikTok account

SOS-Kinderdorf Shop - Django Application Development
Co-Report - Platform development

Who are Filabé

Filabé is an innovative cosmetic company that rethinks skincare. Filabe’s innovative micro-fibril cloths are filled with natural active ingredients, which are activated when in contact with water. The tissues are vegan, free from additives, alcohols and oils.

The challenge

Filabé wanted to increase brand awareness and sales in Germany through the delivery of a TikTok campaign, to capitalise on the potentially lower cost of engagement and ads.

What we did

We implemented and developed Filabé’s TikTok account and leveraged their profile and relevance as a brand across the platform.

  • Delivery of the creative concept, briefing to develop the first prize-draw challenge to promote the brand products and TikTok profile account.
  • Sourcing TikTok creators – using our exclusive data APIs we identified creators who achieve high engagement at the lowest rates
  • Engaging selected creators and their audiences to participate in the challenge
  • Ad Account setup and delivery of paid advertising
  • TikTok workshop and training to demonstrate how to plan, prepare, publish and distribute content across the platform.



Integrated TikTok as an additional content, engagement and advertising platform within Filabe’s online arsenal


Achieved high-quality engagement with video content


Achieved a CPM of less than 2 CHF

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