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Who are Stöckli?

Stöckli has 80 years experience in manufacturing skis – their racing skis have won many of the ski racing sports top competitions and Stöckli has built a worldwide reputation as a quality Swiss brand.

The challenge

Stöckli noticed a trend amongst millennials towards ski rental (vs. buying them) and subsequently was looking for opportunities to cater to the needs of this target audience, to be ready for the future. Stöckli put Stryber, a Zurich-based business consultant and what. partner, in charge of formulating an answer to this market shift and of executing a plan thereafter.

Realizing how fragmented and little developed the online ski rental market was they came up with a plan to create Stöckli’s own ski rental platform.

The idea for was started right away, and the objective was to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as soon as possible. was a completely blank sheet, with only the idea formed; the name, logo, partners and more had not been decided. This meant there was a greater amount to achieve in a short time.

Finally, Stöckli only had a limited budget to achieve the MVP.

What we did

We started by conducting several UX workshops, where we established a simple and clean user interface. The challenge here was to reduce the complexity of the underlying ski rental business and make it simple, quick and easy for the user to rent skis.

At the same time, we worked on an optimal rental funnel so that from first visiting the website to the final booking was a smooth and coherent journey.

We developed and implemented the MVP for getmyski by going through quick development cycles and finding simple but solid solutions to the development challenges we faced. This enabled us to create a working MVP in a short space of time, allowing getmyski to hit their short go-live deadline.

After go-live we generated tracking for the app by applying our growth hacking strategies, using different online marketing channels such as Google Ads, Facebook and more.


2 months

to get live from kick off to end product

3 months

market feedback delivered and then used to optimise the business plan and User Experience of the platform.

We started with getmyski and saw that you can achieve something with little time and manageable budget and have thus expanded the collaboration further and are still working with what. now. .. I think with getmyski we really developed a great product together with what. what. has really worked hard to find an agile solution for the client and not necessarily so for the agency. They didn't push the most expensive solution, but looked at what the smartest solution for the client was.
Julien Wisard
Head of Digital & Dialog-Marketing, Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

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