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Startup coaching – Swiss Startup Factory

Growth hacking & MVP workshops

“Growth hacks have helped our startups to (in)validate their assumptions faster. The coaching was essential to made them think outside of the box and try less obvious approaches.”

Oliver Walzer – CIO at Swiss Start Up Factory


  • Startup founders have limited resources during the accelerator program
  • They are specialists in their area of expertise and should be dedicating as much time as possible to providing solution to the problem they are trying to solve, learning new skills such as growth hacking, analytics isn’t and shouldn’t be a priority for them during the program
  • Strong need to validate ideas and show commercial success or potential quickly


  • We worked with SSUF from the first batch of startups by delivering a tailor made workshop style training for startups. The sessions in topics such as growth hacking, MVP development, analytics, launch strategies, crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter), marketing planning and forecasting, digital marketing & analytics
  • Startup founders can openly discuss their challenges with us and we help them to identify possible solution. Thanks to our expertise we save them a significant amount of time they would have to invest to find the solutions themselves
  • We make ourselves available for ‘ad hoc’ queries and follow-up session
  • Cases that we discuss during the workshops are real world cases from our customers, including failed projects that provide tangible learnings and insights

Results and learning

Results speak better than words, therefore we encourage you to take a look at the growing startup portfolio on the SSUF website and feel free to ask their teams directly how they found our workshops.