About what.auto

what.auto is a comparison platform for electric vehicles. The venture is incubated by what. what.auto is a content site, providing a one stop shop for customers looking to buy an electric car. what.auto platform helps users make the decision and refers them to local garages in their area.

The challenge

what.auto’s MVP was built using modern Progressive Web Application with its components delivered by Stencil.js compiler. It’s a brave choice for a data driven website with tons of car pages and data.

PWAs work incredibly well for users and are the best choice for mobile, but present challenges from the SEO standpoint. Google doesn’t always crawl sites well and content isn’t always discovered.

The team need to make sure that the what.auto PWA will be accessible to Google and each landing page perfectly positioned to achieve high rankings on Google.

What we did

We conducted tests of the Stencil.js framework to ensure that pages can be correctly rendered by search engine crawlers.

The PWA is taking advantage of the prerendering technology, which provides search engines with essential content (optional) and improves the overall page speed, which is important to provide a good user experience.

Our Django based backend application provides URL and content control, which allows us to control the site structure. XML Sitemap is regularly created based on the available URLs and offers an additional access point to Google and other search engines.

In addition, we continue to work to improve internal and external links to ensure each page has an adequate number of relevant and quality links.


3 months

to get buy.what.auto.expert live from kick off to MVP

2 months

to ensure the PWA is correctly indexed by search engines

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