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Who are Swisscharge?

Together with its partners, wants to set up the largest and most attractive charging station network in Switzerland. Its network allows for all types of charging types and thus simplifies everyday life for the drivers of electric cars. At the same time, partners can use the charging infrastructure to implement their own ideas and business models. In this way, Swisscharge jointly enables access to the mobility of the future.

The challenge

Whilst the market for electric cars and charging stations are growing, the market is still relatively new and immature.

Swisscharge entered the Swiss market with a new proposition. They have a multi-segmented customer base, which includes the end drivers, charging station installation companies, and landlords of private or commercial buildings.

They came to us requiring a web presence that offered easy to find information for all customer segments and languages. The web presence also needed to be flexible enough to be expanded on in the future.

On top of this, as a startup, their budget was limited and they had a tight deadline.

The Solution

We began by sitting down with Swisscharge to undertake a UX workshop to define the key sales journeys that would take place on the website.

Once we knew this, we were able to create a fully bespoke website design that allowed all users to find information relevant to them.

On top of this, we conducted SEO optimisation of the website and content in order to retain and improve their organic visibility.

Finally, we organised a photo shoot to make the content on their website more engaging and real, in order to encourage users to find their solution and educate them on how the product worked.



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Our collaboration with what. was very satisfying and we received constant valuable input and felt that we could raise our needs with the team at any time and never felt we were left alone. We would recommend what. to any business but I particularly think that their offering is of special interest to startups that have little experience in website design, SEO and growth marketing.
Michael Graf
Head of Services/CFO Swisscharge AG

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